Equity Overview

The Pyramis Equity group employs both fundamental and quantitative strategies, utilizing varying degrees of active management. All portfolios employ processes focused on research and risk management. This process is complemented by a team-based structure to ensure depth of management and continuity in all of the portfolios.


In addition to collaborating with the broader Fidelity global research platform, our institutionally-focused Pyramis team employs:


Integrated Risk Management Framework

Managing risk is a critical component of our process. Our strategies span a full range of risk utilization and active management:

Many are diversified with more than 100 holdings, although specific strategies may utilize less

Are largely managed sector, currency and region neutral to their benchmarks

Seek to build minimum levels of cash

Leverage our proprietary quantitative risk modeling

Generate returns through bottom up stock-selection


We invest significant resources to ensure that the fundamental and quantitative research our team uses to build and manage client portfolios is comprehensive. Whether it involves the development of proprietary tools or the hiring of personnel, we are continuously looking for opportunities to improve our portfolio management efficiency, effectiveness and performance.


Equity Platform Overviews

Fourth Quarter 2013

We are pleased to provide our latest platform overviews delivering information on research resources for the following:


  • Diversified Large Cap Core
  • Large Cap Core
  • Quantitative Large Cap Core
  • Small/Mid Cap Core
  • Small Company
  • Small Cap Core


  • Large Cap Value


  • Focused Large Cap Growth

For more information on these products, please contact pyramisequity@pyramis.com.

Non-US/Large Core

  • Select International
  • Select International Plus
  • International Growth
  • International Value

Global Large Core

  • Global Core
  • Select Global
  • Select Global Plus

Small Cap

  • Select International Small Cap
  • Select International Small Cap Plus
  • Concentrated International Small Cap
  • Select Global Small Cap
  • Select Global Small Cap Plus
  • Concentrated Global Small Cap

Emerging Markets


  • Europe Growth
  • Select Europe
  • Japan Growth

For more information on these products, please contact pyramisequity@pyramis.com.


Corporate Headquarters
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Smithfield, RI 02917

Pyramis - 900 Salem St

Opportunities in Leveraged Equity Investing

April 2014

Leveraged equities have historically delivered competitive returns over a full economic cycle, and have done especially well during periods of U.S. economic growth. They also offer a more transparent and liquid alternative to private equity investments.

U.S. Equity Valuations Not an Obstacle in 2014

March 2014

The Shiller CAPE’s valuation extremes have caused many investors to wonder if the U.S. equity market is excessively overvalued. Nevertheless, P/E ratios are still not high enough to create headwinds for the equity market in 2014.

Looking Backward and Forward at Dividend Growth

March 2014

While several backward-looking income-oriented and valuation factors have worked well historically, this paper demonstrates that a combination of factors, such as dividend yield and leverage, can be more successful than any one in isolation.

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